Tue. Sep 18th, 2018

Main Territories of Guelmim-Oued Noun

Guelmim- Aided Noun is one of the regions of Morocco. This area is located in the south-eastern part of the area. This is one of the disputed territories. This area is administrated by Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. This region covers about 64.473 Km. its total population is 433,757.The capital of the region is Gulemim. The three famous most provinces and cities of the region are Bouizakrna, Guelmim, Tan Tan, Assa-Zag, and Taghjijt. Let us discuss these and some others in details in the following article.


Guelmim is the capital of the region. This is one of the largest city in the area. It is the urban region with a total population of 118,318 as per recent census. The total area of the city is 49,897. This town is equipped with facilities. Besides with facilities, the city has great history revealed clearly through items in the museum. Above all its camel market and camel, the festival is dominating events not only important for the city itself but for the small cities and towns around that town. The city is also great trading and industrial hub not from today but since long. Beads of Guelmim are another popularity reason for People of Guelmim not inside the country but across the world.

Tan Tan:

Tan Tan is another prominent area of Guelmim region. It is one of the desert towns. Its population is 73209 according to a recent census. This city is situated near the river draa. It is the second largest city of the region with its population. It has a moderate level temperature. Its coolest month is January with average record temperature 21C and hottest most month is Aug with an average temperature is 28C.


Assa-Zag is another modern province of the Guelmim region. Its total population is 115,691. This is the famous city from the economical point of view. Its main towns are, and zag. It has further seven big cities.


Taghijit is the beautiful and important town of the Guelmim region. Its total population is 7000.


Bouizakarne is another big and popular town of the Guelmim. Its total population is 11982 according to the latest census. Moreover, it is also the second highest town in the province. It connects another part of the country through roadways. It is 2044meter high from sea level.

Something about Morocco:

Morocco is African country. It has one of the largest deserts in the world” Sahara.” Its capital city is Rabat. Its total population is 31,627,428.The official language is Arabic. However, people love to speak French. So we can say that French is their second language. The currency of the country is Dirham.

Facts about Guelmim:

  • Guelmim has almost four airports with commercial flights.
  • Its time zone is Africa/Casablanca.
  • Nearly all of the region is situated in near the sea.
  • One can enjoy clean beaches here.
  • Besides some cities, the overall temperature of the region is attractive and ideal.
  • An overall sect of the region is sunny. Minorities do live, but 99% of the population is Muslims.
  • Beads and camel sale are its successful trades of Guelmim.