Tue. Sep 18th, 2018
Baby Names

Finding Baby Names on Social Media

Naming a baby can be a bit tricky, because parents may come up with many unique and beautiful names from which they simply could not choose one. It may become a matter of fight between the two to choose one. Also, it makes the parents confused as to what they should name their child. But today, there is no need to worry because social media takes all your worries away from you. Today is the world of social media. Everything is readily available over the internet. It would be no wrong to say that the social media has made our lives better as it benefits us in every way possible. From fashion to education, music to religion, and now even baby names, we can find information about everything through the use of social media. Although, we are aware of the fact that naming a child is totally a personal decision of the parents but it does not harm anyone to look for good names over the social media.

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Social sourcing

Every parent want to name their child the best, as the name has an impact on the later life of a person. Parents are very much concerned about the tiniest thing about their children. Since parents can’t find and decide new names for their babies, they take help from the internet. All they do is that they login to their social media accounts to get inspiration for baby name. Social sourcing is when parents jump into the social media to get inspiration or naming ideas for the newly born.

Many mothers could be seen on Instagram, making a post about their pregnancy, and asking their followers to give naming suggestions in the comment section. Instagram now also offers a polling system, to get more vote, buy instagram impressions. If you end up liking two names for your child, and you cannot decide which one you should go for, poll system would help you in that case. You put in your story the two names in two different sections, and wait for your followers to vote for the best option. Afterwards, the name that got more votes would be the name for your child. But remember, poll system only works when others people opinions matter to you.

Baby naming applications

Naming a child is a difficult task. Although it does not seem to be, but it is quite a challenging situation for the parents to name the baby. But the problem is now resolved. Many baby naming apps are designed to help the troubled parents in naming their children.

Kinder for baby names

It is an application designed to name babies. It gives you three options of boy, girl, or don’t know the gender yet. You click the desired option, type the last name, and it starts to display a number of names for your baby. If you do not like the name, you swipe the screen towards left, and if you like a name, you do that towards right. Afterwards, you can ask your other partner to do the same. If you both swipe right towards a mutual name, the app screen shows a green signal which means that is the name for your baby.

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